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1 21:06 Female Napa, CA 32° F
Chilly at the start, but I ran with friends, and we had a blast. Three mile warm-up. Six miles at tempo pace. Three mile cool down.
2 🏆 16 24:01 Male Richland, WA 37° F
3 ⭐️ 2 24:32 Male Beverly, MA
4 26:30 Female Barrie, ON 2° C
A slushy 5.5 km spelling out NUUN in honour of the #NuunyearDash ☺️https://twitter.com/soom70255705/status/954482508225167360
5 28:36 Male Dyer, IN 19° F
A snowy 5k run through the subdivision on a non-mail holiday while wearing Yaktrax for the first time.
6 30:42 Female US
7 31:39 Female Puyallup, WA 52° F
"You are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream" Another beautiful day in the PNW! My 1st virtual run. It didn't go as planned, because Blue, my dog and running partner, got spooked by constitution. We had to adventure around the neighborhood, running in circles.
8 🏆 10 32:14 Female Federal Way, WA
9 34:51 Female Bartlett, TN 14° F
I ran the 5k in my neighborhood. We had just gotten a snow/ice mix here in Memphis so it was a little slippery! I just took my time running so i didn’t slide all over the place but i still enjoyed my race!
10 ⭐️ 3 35:08 Female Atlanta, GA 27° F
11 40:28 Female Oakville, ON -8° C
I tore my calf muscle at the end of November, so I lost a lot of fitness... I am slowly working my way back... it feels good to be back out there even though i'm huffing and puffing!
12 43:52 Female College Park, MD 59° F
13 48:40 Female Denver, CO
14 48:59 Female lancaster, PA
10K done!
15 49:04 Female WA 46° F
Birthday weekend run in beautiful Whatcom Falls Park. Bluebird day, good company, waterfalls and trees.
16 49:22 Female Oviedo, FL 50° F
Did a brisk 5k walk as leg injured. Felt good. Did with my kids.
17 51:17 Female Tallahassee, FL
A run through Tallahassee, FL on roads, trails, and parks - an easier tempo run as I am tapering for the Tallahassee Marathon on Feb 4. I have the Strava Course Record for all 5 segments that were on this run. Two of which became my Course Records on this run.
18 52:02 Female Lonoke, AR 17° F
I was a little bummed that I had to run my 10k on a treadmill, but there aren’t many places to run on the farm when it’s covered in four inches of snow!
19 🌟 5 56:12 Female Las Vegas, NV 42° F
I walked/ran on the treadmill. I did intervals of 1 min/1 min, with some minutes varying. It was hard, but I feel good! I’d like to note that I have a sinus infection, & made it through those 56 minutes without having to stop or get my inhaler. #nuunyeardash #newPR
20 56:19 Female MI 11° F
Thank goodness for the sunshine and very little wind! Can it be summer yet? :)
21 1:02:33 Female St. Paul, MN 37° F
Got bit by a dog but didn't let that get in the way of my finishing!
22 ⭐️ 2 1:04:28 Female WI
23 1:06:51 Female Toronto, ON -10° C
That was a cold one but I had fun! This run powered by Triberry Nuun, and I'm going to have some hot Ginger Lemonade in a bit to warm back up. Thanks for a fun event!
24 1:08:37 Male Fort Collins, CO 27° F
10K in the snow. Slow but very pretty!
25 1:13:59 Female TX 68° F
I had a nice 10K run this morning. The weather was great after the freeze we had earlier in the week.
26 1:14:16 Female US 3° C
Foggy & cold running along Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.
27 1:15:00 Female Edenton, NC
I aimed for negative splits, but it got hot and it was hard to shed my layers. But it was a good run with a decent pace. It wasn’t as fast as I hoped but I did get faster some toward the end, so I’m happy with the results.
28 1:24:32 Male Potomac, MD 30° F
The cold wind was challenging to deal with today but I randomly extended my #NuunYearDash 10K into a 10 miler anyway!
29 1:26:32 Female Grand Haven, MI 19° F
First long run since recovering from hamstring injury post-Ragnar. Slow going. Snow and ice. But beautiful!
30 ⭐️ 4 1:48:00 Female Citrus Heights, CA
31 2:16:43 Male Upland, CA
Decided to do the 21k, Half Marathon, version of the run. I ran in the evening because my phone had 10% in the am.... got it done! The first run of the year! Can't wait for more!!!

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